About Travel for Cure

The Headquarter of TRAVELFORCURE incorporation is based in Istanbul, Turkey and two satellite offices are in Dubai, UAE and Libreville, Gabon. TRAVELFORCURE was established with a vision of providing patient-centric, individualized attention by offering doctor-to-doctor, high quality and readily available healthcare services to individuals worldwide.

In TRAVELFORCURE, we believe that “health is the most valuable divine gift” and “without health no wealth has value.” Spending on our health and seeking the best treatment is a borderless venture. It is safe to say that the real distance is not measured by miles or flight hours, but it is the combination of “cost, quality and time”. It is a matter of knowing “Who, Where, When and How much” for someone who wants to get the best affordable medical treatment available and easily accessible in today’s global village.

In TRAVELFORCURE , your health comes first – prior to everything! We work with hospitals that have JCI (US-based, Joint Commission International) or equal international healthcare accreditation.

TRAVELFORCURE is coordinating medical treatment for patients and ensuring high quality healthcare services delivered in the earliest possible time and with the utmost care. It is a combination of professional services tailored around each patient’s needs and arrangement of medical treatment in Turkey.

Individualized medical treatment assistance is provided professionally.

Experienced team in healthcare

TRAVELFORCURE management has hands-on work experience in health finance & management, consultancy, health insurances, malpractice, and using high-end technologies in a multidisciplinary culturally diverse medical environment. This multifaceted broad experience is critical for a mediator to make all the necessary procedural and preperational work on behalf of the patient in order to ensure high quality medical services delivered in minimum time at affordable prices.

TRAVELFORCURE has affiliations with well-known physicians in their specialties and reputed healthcare providers capable of offering specialized treatment in state-of-the-art healthcare facilities in Turkey.

TRAVELFORCURE offers you premier medical treatment options using its network with world-class physicians and hospitals. The hospitals in TRAVELFORCURE network are accredited by The Joint Commission International (JCI), a branch of US hospital accreditation agency JCAHO or hold the highest level of national accreditation which has a long history of working with international patients and achieving outstanding medical outcomes. They are also recognized as regional leaders in their respective areas of expertise.

In TRAVELFORCURE, we value your relationship with your home physicians.

Before and after your TRAVELFORCURE experience, you will be consulting your medical conditions with your family physician. We value this relationship. Our unique services in MEDISIM nurture this relationship by providing information to your primary care physician during your stay, and delivering your medical records and discharge instructions. TRAVELFORCURE staff members work with you to make sure you maintain the continuity of care with your physician back home.

Last but not the least; even in hospitals with JCI accreditation, they may still have “voids” in the chain of their healthcare services. Medical treatment and recuperation is a part of our job that we take very seriously. As TRAVELFORCURE management, we believe it must only be performed by professionals who understand the unique interdisciplinary work environment of healthcare, the importance of patient privacy (e.g., acknowledgement of HIPAA, The Security and Privacy Rules of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), using of medical technologies, and value patient’s safety and satisfaction.

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