Check Up

One of the fundamental purposes of contemporary medicine is to take the necessary measures before illness appears. Periodical screenings, commonly known as “check-ups”, contribute to identifying latent illnesses. The check-up programs offer a chance of an early diagnosis of many diseases including cancer, and may shorten the treatment process

Regardless of age, these screenings are demanded by anyone with no specific complaints but who wish to undergo overall controls, others with one or more specific complaints as well as patients afflicted with chronic diseases who seek the best healthcare possible and also wish to appraise other possible risks. Those with no particular complaints usually go through their check-up procedure with the standard series of tests but some will feel the need for additional tests concerning their chronic conditions and perhaps consultations with physicians.

It is wrong to consider a check-up procedure as only a process of going through a series of tests. Daily ailments may appear normal but these signs could well be the forerunner of various chronic illnesses. People with family health problems are also often considered to be a higher risk group demanding frequent medical attention.

All of us come under a wide range of risks created by our general conduct, our genetic makeup or our past sicknesses. To be able to recognize them, to take the appropriate preventive measures and to enjoy a generally healthy quality of life, we must ensure that we continue regular controls. And it is the check-up programme, which guides us along the right path.

Customized Check-Up Programs

Tailored check-up programs are developed for occasions where basic check-up examinations would be inadequate and not suit individual needs.

Previous medical information, physical examination findings, and risk factors are assessed in detail to determine additional examinations that are needed. “Custom check-ups” provide detailed results and offer specific check-up programs for Gynecology & Menopause, Dementia, Cardiac screening, Cancer screening & Diabetes among many others.


Female Health and Menopause

The gynecological check-up is critical for women and increasingly important for women over the age of 40. The level of risk generally rises following menopause. A periodical gynecological check-up allows an early diagnosis and treatment of conditions such as breast cancer and cervical cancer.


Cardiac Screening

Cardio-vascular disease ranks as one of the most deadly illnesses of modern times. The presence of risk factors like hypertension, diabetes, smoking and a family tendency for early heart disease underline the need for a thorough cardio-vascular assessment. Periodical check-ups will not only detect and protect against potential coronary heart disease but may also diagnose the presence of latent cardiac problems.


Cancer Screening

Cancer-screening programs are of great importance. We believe it is crucial to have regular check-ups done especially for those with known risk factors. Diabetes Screening

The prevalence of diabetes is rising globally. Diabetic patients may develop cardio-vascular disease at a young age as well as eye, kidney and neurological problems. Check-ups are recommended in particular if you are overweight, had diabetes during pregnancy or have a family history of diabetes.


Alzheimer Risk Determination

“Slight Cognitive Disorder” generally appears after the age of 30 and can be defined as insignificant forgetfulness causing little or no inconvenience. This could be considered as the initial stage of Alzheimer’s. An often seen as insignificant and simple forgetfulness may worsen over the years. Unless precautions are taken, this may transform into Alzheimer’s.


Premium Check-up

The tailored Premium Check-up Program is a special package featuring all tests selected to suit the specific health conditions of our visitors. This program provides premium hosting by a personal patient representative. Specialist physicians return test and examination results the same day and are evaluated with consideration to medical history, life style and family history.

Basic Check-Up Programs

Regardless of age or sex, everyone has the potential of developing certain illnesses. Regular check-ups will ensure that medical problems are noticed and treated at an early stage. Special programs also exist for cardiac patients.

Basic Check-Up Programs:

  • Under 40 Female Check-Up
  • Over 40 Female Check-Up
  • Under 40 Male Check-Up
  • Over 40 Male Check-Up
  • Cardiac Check-Up


Check-Up Add-Ons

  • Diabetes Screening
  • HbA1C
  • Microalbuminuria
  • Hypertension Screening
  • Microalbuminuria
  • Thyroid Screening
  • TSH
  • Free T4
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • VDRL (Syphilis)
  • HIV Ag/Ab (Anti HIV)
  • Premier Eye Check-up
  • Cornea Curvature
  • Retinal Screening
  • Central and Peripheral Vision (Vision Field)


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