What is the advantage of using TRAVELFORCURE services comparing to directly contacting myself with the medical institution abroad?
TRAVELFORCURE is coordinating your medical treatments and ensuring the quality services delivered in the earliest possible time and with utmost care. It is a professional consultancy services tailored around each patient’s needs for arranging medical treatments abroad –it is an individualized medical treatment assistance provided professionally.

TRAVELFORCURE Management has hands-on work experience in the healthcare finance & management, consultancy, health insurance, malpractice and using high-end technologies in a multidisciplinary, culturally diverse environment in medicine. This multi-facet broad experience is critical for a mediator to make all the necessary organizations on behalf of the patient in order to ensure high quality medical services delivered in minimum time at affordable prices.

TRAVELFORCURE has established partnerships with hospitals and facilities that are accredited by JCI (Joint Commission International) and by ISO (International Organization for Standardization).In other words, it is the one-stop gateway to all accredited medical institutions in Turkey. This way, you have a direct link and fast access to the best and most experienced specialists and surgeons in the first-class medical facilities in Turkey.

What is medical travel?
Medical travel is the act of traveling away from where you live to obtain certain medical procedures.
The people from all over the world would prefer traveling outside their home countries to obtain medical procedures due to the long waiting times and skyrocketing healthcare costs back home. Now, thanks to the organized medical travel efforts, there is an opportunity for patients all over the world to seek good quality procedures and fast recovery period at more affordable prices available abroad.

Medical travel becomes more popular because of

• Increasing cost of healthcare and long waiting time in the developed countries,
• Globalization – a one world nation,
• Numerous JCI-accredited hospitals overseas,
• Affordability and wide-spread use of cutting-edge biomedical technologies in developing countries,
• Adapting international standardization/applications (DICOM, HL7, HIPAA, HIS, RIS and PACS) in medicine abroad,
• Ease and affordability of international travel,
• Favorable currency conversion rates.

What services of Medical Travel offered by TRAVELFORCURE?
TRAVELFORCURE Medical Travel package will include pick up from the airport, accommodation at the desired hotels, ground transportation to and from doctor’s appointment and hospital, patient coordinator services before, during and after medical procedures, travel reservations, trip itinerary and interpreter, when needed.
Summary of some of the services provided by TRAVELFORCURE listed below

• Suggesting Hospitals/Clinics based on treatment required and budget
• Scheduling of medical appointments with follow-up care (pre-op and post-op evaluation)
• Arrangement of accommodation for patient, family members and attendants
• Arrangement of airport transfer
• Assistance with hospital admission and discharges
• Assistance with language interpretation
• Visit patients during their stay in hospital
• Provide emotional support if necessary during visit
• Assistance with payment procedures and in simplifying financial transactions
• Intervene in the event of any dispute with hospital
• Provide information about local dining, shopping, and pampering facilities
• Provide information about local culture and customs of destination
• Arrange for aftercare while in country
• Private transportation to-and-from doctor consultation –optional***
• Private transportation to-and-from medical procedure -optional ***
• Assist customer with baggage check-in upon departure –optional***
• Arrange for Airport medical assistance upon departure, if necessary –optional***

***All the optional services can be availed, if desired, at nominal service fees

What is Joint Commission International (JCI) Accreditation?
JCI is part of the main accrediting body for medical institutions in the USA, JCAHO (the Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations). The JCI accreditation represents the highest level of excellence in regards to patient care and safety, and assures patients and insurers that the hospital measures up to the best U.S. hospitals in terms of patient care and safety. Further readings available athttp://www.jointcommissioninternational.org
The accreditation process is a voluntary process, endorsed also by the World Health Organization (WHO), which tests the quality of systems, processes, and outcomes of a healthcare organization. To comply with requirements of accreditation, organizations must pass a rigorous inspection, with re-accreditation inspections every three years.
What is International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Accreditation?
The International Organization for Standards (ISO), is a nongovernmental consortium founded in 1947 to develop voluntary standards for improving industrial performance. Today, more than 90 countries are members of ISO. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is the U.S. representative of ISO. Please read more on ISO http://www.iso.org/iso/home.htm

For hospitals, ISO 9001 procedure is basically, described as an identification of the elements in clinical and administrative practices that contribute to desirable outcomes, documentation of those elements as standard practice of healthcare services. Here are a few benefits of ISO standardization in healthcare service providers

• Better communication among highly interdisciplinary workforce
• Identification of systemic problems and closing gaps or loopholes
• Clinical and business work flow optimization while maximizing resource utilization
• Proactive prevention mechanism for error-prone practices in medical applications towards better patient safety
• Standardization of forms used for documentation of patient care activities
• Development of patient-centric organization towards the maximizing customer satisfaction
• Facilitation to comply with healthcare quality certifications, accreditation standards and regulatory requirements

Why should I prefer Turkey for medical or surgical procedures?
Turkey has the largest number, 34, of JCI-accredited healthcare institutions in the world.
There are a number of state-of-the-art hospitals, healthcare facilities and western-trained doctors in Turkey.

It`s location is very convenient for a large number of potential medical tourists and it connects Europe and Asia continents like a bridge.

Both patients who have medical treatments in the hospitals of Turkey and patient referring insurance companies are very satisfied about the advanced technological infrastructure, the vocational experience and the knowledge of the medical staff working in these hospitals.
Overall cost of care in Turkey is much more affordable and significantly lower than that found in most of Western Europe and the U.S. In addition, there is no waiting time for any surgical procedures.

For instance, a person undergoes elective surgery operation as well as enjoys the natural and historic beauty of Turkey together with his/her partner +++ including airfare, board and lodging, personal tour guide, for the price of the same operation in their home country.

What are the typical medical procedures that patients usually seek in Turkey?
The scope of the medical treatments changes from organ transplantation to by-pass surgeries (CABG) and is roughly inclusive of all the treatments except the rare surgeries such as separation of congenital twins and alike.

The core competence of the Turkish medical community is in the areas like Cosmetic surgery, Hair implants, Eye care/Surgery, Fertility Treatment/IVF, Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping surgery), Dental procedures, Cancer treatments/Oncology, Cardiac care (e.g. open heart surgeries, valve replacements), Orthopedic/Joint Surgery, Spinal Surgery, Prostate Surgery, Laparoscopic (gall bladder removal) surgeries and Executive Health Screenings.

One big differentiators about getting these medical procedures done in Turkey is of course the cost of medical procedures. Your benefit would be to get quality healthcare at affordable prices while enjoying your mini-vacation in Turkey. The second issue is the long waiting time. The third one is the stringent conditions in your health insurance policy. As an impact of soaring healthcare costs at home, you are obliged to abide by all types of scrutinizations of your health insurance during your treatment. Even if you live with them, you never know if you are eligible for a renewal of your policy due to your increasing health risks or you could afford increasing your plan deductibles every year. Why bother then? – especially, for the procedures not covered by your policy!

TRAVELFORCURE makes sure that you get high quality medical care at affordable price in reasonable time. We work with the well-trained and qualified physicians and JCI-accredited/ first-class medical institutions in Turkey in order to provide better care for you.

What is the cost savings compared to the costs in USA?
The prices you would get is around 50%-75% less than the costs of the same medical procedure in the USA. Almost all of the accredited hospitals in Turkey provide first class hotel room conditions. Furthermore, you would want to enjoy lower-cost alternative medical care with a mixture of mini-vacation. When you are on your way back home, you would have ample amount of money left in your pocket due to the savings you have just made from your treatments.
Are the prices of the same medical procedure the same in different accredited hospitals in Turkey?
No. The prices may differ from one hospital to another one because of various reasons. Some of them may charge higher prices due to the high fixed costs of the operations due to the inefficient hospital building infrastructure. Some hospitals may not own the building and its rent would be quiet high because of the neighborhood. Some may have different payment policy (fixed vs. variable salary based on the performance) for the physicians. Radiology departments are the most expensive parts of the hospitals and some hospitals prefer not to own it, but to make a service procurement contract with a private practice instead. In short, it may just because of the different price policy of the hospitals among themselves.

Last but not the least, as seen in the all other businesses, productivity and efficiency of the operations play an important role in the profit and loss structure of the hospitals. These are just a few possible scenarios why the prices vary from one hospital to another.

What is the reason for that much difference comparing with the prices in US?
The explanation to the above question “Are the prices of the same medical procedure the same in different accredited hospitals in Turkey?” applies for this question as well.

We have to take into account the difference in the cost of malpractice insurance between Turkey and USA. Of course, the salary differences between two countries play an important role too. Furthermore, favorable currency conversion rates are another differentiator in healthcare cost comparison between two countries.

What needs to be prepared before attempting for medical travel?
First, you should have your most recent medical records ready for electronic submission.

• Make sure you have your medical images (e.g., MRIs, CT scans, PET/CT, SPECT images, OPGs, Angiograms) available in CD or accessible via online, e.g. web site of your medical center or private practice.
• Ask your healthcare provider (family physician, hospital or private practice) for a CD after your scan.

Second, either upload your medical records including medical images onto TRAVELFORCURE web site on the Internet or send the hard copies (for images, please include CD instead of printed films) by mail to our contact address.

Third, please do not forget to include your contact info (daytime phone number, convenient hours to call, including time zone, e.g. GMT-5) and your questions or requests for a medical review.
Last but not the least; it would be best if you could include contact information of your primary care doctor providing that he/she has the rights to discuss about your medical records)

Do I have to make an advance payment for medical treatments offered in Turkey?
The Inpatients (the patients who require to stay, e.g. for surgery, at Healthcare Institutions) will need to pay 20% of the estimated cost as a deposit to TRAVELFORCURE when the appointment is made with the specialized doctor for the medical treatment offered in Turkey. As soon as they check-in to the hospital, patient is required to make payment of %30 of the estimated cost to the hospital.

The Outpatients (the patients who do not require to stay at Hospital) will not have to pay any advance prior to their treatment at point of care.

How do transportation work for hospital patient being taken care of?
For urgent patients, TRAVELFORCURE arranges an Air Ambulance that directly lands at the helipad located in the destination hospital premise and an ambulance plane that can take patients from all over the world to land at International Airports of Istanbul, which are located in European and Asian sides.
Does TRAVELFORCURE work with public or private hospitals?
In TRAVELFORCURE, we first choose the doctors not hospitals.

TRAVELFORCURE has a network of well-trained and skillful physicians, who work in JCI-accredited hospitals in Turkey. Doctors come first in the operations of TRAVELFORCURE in the medical treatments of patients. Hence, public, private and university hospitals are all in the network of TRAVELFORCURE.

TRAVELFORCURE gives importance to its network hospitals in order to be able to address the needs of patients by providing quality services and embodying many latest technological medical devices, which help patients on their way to a healthy tomorrow.

What is the mission of TRAVELFORCURE ?
In TRAVELFORCURE , we believe that “Health ‘s the most valuable divine gift” and “without health no wealth has value”.

It is safe to that the real distance is not miles or flight hours, but is combined of “cost, quality and time” and it takes to know “who, where, when and how much” someone could get the best of the best of medical treatment available, accessible and affordable worldwide today.

How long does it take to get a Medical Second Opinion (MSO)? What does a MSO include?
A Medical Second Opinion includes the recommended treatment, the approximate length of stay and the estimated cost. Normally, we give you the MSO in the following few days after receiving your recent medical reports and images regarding your diagnosis.
What type of currency is used in Turkey?
Turkish Lira is used as a currency in Turkey. There are many local and international banks located in close vicinity to help people with financial aspects. Most of the hospitals in Turkey accept Euro, Dollars and Turkish Lira. Also payment in cash, credit (Visa & Mastercard) or bank account transfer could be accepted.
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