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There are two phases of TRAVELFORCURE  services available to patients who seek medical treatments in Turkey

1. Gathering medical records and reviewing by physician

  1. a) You should provide necessary contact information, your name, e-mail address, postal address and contact phone numbers or fill out our online application available at the TRAVELFORCURE  web site. Click here to access the online patient information form.
  2. b) Upon receiving your inquiry, TRAVELFORCURE  representative would call you at your convenience and inform you about the process while providing comprehensive explanations to your possible questions including some estimates for the procedures about getting treatment abroad.

You would be asked to provide your up-to-date medical information by filling out Medical Information Form available on our site, if you consider medical tourism and/or seeking a second opinion from an overseas physician

Following medical information is necessary for better planning and very helpful for our board certified physician evaluating your medical conditions:

  •   brief medical history (incl., allergies -food, drug, latex, etc.; medications taken on a daily basis; other health problems; pre-existing illnesses and conditions)
  •   recent medical data (diagnostic test results; pathology & radiology reports)
  •   medical images (CT scans, MRIs, PET/CT scans, USG and X-rays)
  •   for dental treatments; Full-mouth X-ray images (OPGs), dental moulds

You can upload your medical images and other health records along with a write-up of your medical history onto our web site. Click here to login. 
Or, send them (hardcopy and/or CDs) via Postal Service or fax.  Our mailing address can be found on Contact Us page.

TRAVELFORCURE ensures security compliance with HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). HIPAA is a set of federal regulations intended to protect and simplify the exchange of health care data.

  1. c) After evaluating your medical records, your medical consultant in TRAVELFORCURE  would give you some estimates related to your treatment in Turkey.  You would know your point of care options (physician and/or hospital alternatives), associated cost and duration of your treatment. Further information would be consulted with you during a comparison of different alternatives of the medical facilities, physicians and accommodations

2. Making appointments for the treatments and organization of the medical travel

  1. a) When you have made your decision, you would be asked for a written consent associated with a letter from your family physician, or your medical doctor, saying that your medical conditions have no problem for travelling abroad.
  2. b) Once these written statements received, TRAVELFORCURE  would contact with a physician and/or hospital selected in order to arrange medical appointments for your treatment in Turkey.

At this point, you are assigned a TRAVELFORCURE  Consultant who will help you throughout the organization steps of your medical care including arrangement of appointments, accommodation, check-in and discharge to/from hospital, financial issues, e.g. payments to hospital.

  1. c) Once an appointment for surgery or medical treatment made, you will be contacted with your TRAVELFORCURE  Consultant and details are provided through your preferred channel (email, SMS, fax, etc.)
  2. d) You would get information for different alternatives of accommodation, patient rooms and flight options.
  3. e) Please, also consult with your TRAVELFORCURE  Consultant regarding to the visa requirements for medical treatment in Turkey. He / she would prepare your official papers, which confirm your physician’s appointment and medical treatment in hospital, Turkey.
  4. f) Your TRAVELFORCURE  Consultant will organize booking of your flights based on your preferences, medical conditions and appointments.

If you arrange your flights to/from Turkey by your own, please let TRAVELFORCURE  Consultant know in advance about the details of your flights, e.g. name of airlines, flight number and date / time of the flight.

  1. g) Upon your arrival to airport, there are a list of services available for your convenience during your stay
  •   Transportation to/from airport –please specify if there is a need for special transport for medical concern
  •   Assistance during the paperwork and medical appointments in the hospital
  •   Consultancy provided in case of dispute resolution with hospital administration
Organization of aftercare communication between patient and physician/surgeon/hospital, when needed
  •   Arrangements for non-medical activities such as shopping, sightseeing and other tourism alternatives
  1. h) Payments –make payments as you advance in your treatment! not in advance lump sum payment for all! You are going to make a payment right before the procedure or an appointment; e.g. outpatient visit for doctor’s appointment, image-guided therapy, advance medical imaging, biopsy, pathology, endoscopy or colonoscopy.

TRAVELFORCURE Medical Treatment Services include:

  • Suggesting physician/surgeon based on treatment required and budget
  • Scheduling of medical appointments with follow-up care (pre-op and post-op evaluation)
  • Arrangement of accommodation for patient, family members and attendants
  • Arrangement of airport transfer
  • Assistance with hospital admission and discharges
  • Assistance with language interpretation
  • Daily hospital visits once procedure is performed
  • Provide emotional support if necessary during visit
  • Assistance with payment procedures and in simplifying financial transactions
  • Provide information about local dining, shopping, and pampering facilities
  • Provide information about local culture and customs of destination
  • Private transportation to-and-from doctor consultation –optional***
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