Travel for Medical Reason

Travel for Medical Reason

The correct naming should be “travel for medical reason”. Then, what is the tourism aspect of this travel? Tourism comes from linkages of this travel with hotels, airlines, travel agents and some few extras and expectations of traveler. They are necessary items in the to-do list as long as not replacing the sole purpose and importance of this travel. This is mostly not a leisure activity but medical necessity of yours.

Rule #4 (cont’d from the previous article) First thing first! You should better concentrate on medical needs. Otherwise, you can easily lose your sight and be very first person to blame for, in case of not satisfactory result.
You should focus on airport transfer and lodging arrangements and better to have plan B if things do not go well. No need to panic, just do some homework in advance if Plan A does not work!

Rule # 5 If you desire to have some leisure activities, it would be smart to consult with your physician-to-be about what you should do and don’t prior to treatment and, if any, surgery. It is not rude to ask your corresponding party to forward your questions to the physician and expect direct -written- answer from the doctor (or, at least, cc’d) as email.

Though it is more mature and regulated industry, cross-border healthcare may have false imagery that is sometimes portrayed on the Internet and in tour operator brochures, considering the tourism aspect and possible unqualified interventions.

Rule # 6 Keep your position in the driver seat and ask questions if what you hear does not make sense to you.
Information is good to the extent of its source is trustworthy. As in the case for almost all supply-driven markets, medical tourism may have some bits and pieces of extreme marketing on the Internet.

Rule # 7 Allow yourself extra few days for use before and after treatment. This makes you -and loved ones- more relaxed, enjoy your time during your visit and accustomed with the culture of the host country.
Of course, if you have good consultant / facilitator, you feel more comfortable ‘cause each step of your visit are well-planned and synchronized.

To sum up, medical tourism is difficult to define, yet, it makes sense to assume all cross-border movements for medical care under the term ‘medical travel’. In medical travel field, active government support, flexibility, available most recent technology and newly built hospitals are competitive advantageous for developing countries. elective medical procedures –both diagnostics and treatment purposes. Evolving links to hospitality, tourism and transport industries are what you enjoy as a side services in your medical journey.

However, you cannot be adventurist when it comes to your health.

Who knows one step a time strategy may work for you in medical travel!

You may want to have a check up as mock-up medical travel experience -maybe combining it with small touristic activity. Who knows you may want to have regular check-ups, or some dental works -like whitening your teeth?